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 Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday! This will be a long one, so thank you in advance if you read the whole thing! I’m so appreciative of you all!!! 

On Monday, I opened up about what’s been weighing heavy on my chest! I told you all that I’d share what this meant for Bows&Buoys moving forward! Don’t worry, I will definitely be sharing children & adult clothing with you, as well as home inspiration! I have a passion for fashion & design & I want to continue sharing pretty things with you all! I however made it a goal of mine to not buy anything February through April, for Scottie & I both (in regards to clothing that is). I did buy some Spring stuff this past month (up until Jan. 31st if I’m being honest) for the both of us & I will be sharing it as it comes in! Wanted to share that part because I don’t want to cause any confusion when you do see new stuff coming in the weeks to come (some was also preorder & won’t arrive until March)! I will also continue working with brands I love & that means wearing clothes I picked out, that were gifted to me! I only do collaborations with brands I truly love & have shopped with before! I’m forever grateful for brands that collaborate with me & give me the opportunity to keep sharing!!!

I will share a ton of outfit & home inspiration in the app, as well as let y’all know in my stories! It will be more of a “what I wish I had in my cart” posts! Or I’ll post mine & Scottie’s clothes, with something similar linked!!! I’m going to do more pic collages as well!!! 

I am also going to give myself a dedicated time to be on Instagram! During that time, I will post all content, respond to DM’s & engage! I’m not quite sure what that time will be, as I’ll be experimenting over the next few weeks. Idk if it will be during her nap time (since Taylor is also working), or night time once Scottie & Taylor have gone to bed! It might even end up being different times each day, depending on what we have going on! 

I have found myself on Instagram too much lately &  I want to focus more on God & Family! 

I hope you all understand & will continue following me on this journey! It is a dream of mine to hit 10k & give you all a swipe up, haha!!! 

Thanks for hanging around & reading this novel!!!! 

Lots of love, 


Saturday, November 21, 2020



1. Penelope The Flamingo

S has Penelope in the little size! She is absolutely adorable! Plus, 1 doll feeds 10 families!!! I absolutely love this company! We will continue collecting these dolls for years to come!

2. Charlotte The Dog

S has Charlotte in the regular size! She loves to give Charlotte lots of kisses, and she says, "dog, dog, dog" non-stop!

3. Mia The Dog

Mia in the little size is on our wishlist! Maybe Valentines Day?!! 

4. Hannah The Bunny

Hannah will be added to S's collection this Christmas, in the regular size! I absolutely love her sweet design! Hannah comes in two colors! We ultimately decided on the ivory, since she already had two pink dolls!

5. Blanky

S has this blanket in the bigger size, but we might buy the smaller size for her doll! We are hoping she really starts playing with dolls in the future.... Can you tell?! 

6. Strolley

This has been on my wishlist for S for FOREVER! I actually just bought a different one for much less, but I don't think it will be in on time for Christmas (so I didn't link it). 

7. Doll Rattan Cart

Have you ever seen anything cuter?!! Another item I will be keeping my eye on for S!

8. Vintage Rose Teddy

I think this teddy is the sweetest teddy I have ever seen! I am definitely contemplating getting S both of the floral bears for Christmas! Such an awesome price!

9. Floral Teddy

Same as above, absolutely obsessed!

10. Bitty Baby

I had a Bitty Baby, and I hear I was obsessed!!! We are going to do this for her Birthday probably (when she's a little older). I'm hoping to find my Bitty Baby before then, so that we don't have to buy one!

11. Doll High Chair 

Every doll needs a high chair, am I right?! I can picture it now, the whole family... plus DOLLY around the dinner table!

12. Little G Plush Toy

S has this one in the elephant, and she LOVES it! Soooo super soft, and very sweet! Perfect for a baby!!!

13. Doll Changing Table

I feel like this is definitely for older girls, but I can see my nieces LOVING this!

14. Baby Doll

S has this baby doll! It stays at her grandmothers, but she loves it so much we are thinking about getting her it for Christmas to have at our house! 

15. Doll Vintage Pram

Talk about FABULOUS!!! That is all I have to say! 

16. Doll Closet

Again, another item for older girls! It was just too cute not to share!

17. Doll Cheerleading Outfit

I think this is sooo fun! A sweet doll cheerleader is the cutest thing in my opinion! I was a cheerleader in high school, so maybe that's why I am obsessed!

18. Storage Crib

Put DOLLY to bed, in STYLE!

19. Teddy Bear

I have wanted one of these dolls for S forever!!! They were out of stock for the longest time! If you want one, I highly recommend jumping on it! They have the most beautiful patterns!!!

20. Beach Chair & Umbrella Set

How fun is this?!! I mean, sunbathing in style! 

21. Rattan Doll Pram

Another OBSESSION! A girl can dream for her daughter right??! 

22. Sleep Doll

S is getting this sweet, soft doll for Christmas! It has lavender on it, so it is supposed to be used to help her fall asleep! I love the idea of her snuggling this cutie right before bed!

Alright folks, that is my first gift guide! I hope you enjoyed!!! I am working on little boys, older girls, women and men gift guides! If you have any request, DM me! I love helping in any way possible!

Thursday, November 19, 2020


Hey Guys! It's been awhile!!! I am working on some gift guides for all of you, as well as working on the Q&A blog post from the other day! Enough of that though, the real reason I am popping on here to make a blog post is because of the Marie Oliver SALE! Marie Oliver is one of my all time favorite brands! They offer classic, fun, vibrant pieces, that will stand the test of time! I have never seen a Marie Oliver piece that I haven't LOVED! They are offering an exclusive early access HOLIDAY SALE!!! 40% off side wide with CODE: BRIGHTFRIDAY (excludes masks and new holiday arrivals). Ya'll this sale is AMAZING! Below I have created a boutique of all of my favorites from the SALE! 

There are sooo many more items that I love, but I went through every item and selected a few of my favorites, so that it wouldn't be overwhelming! FYI: Sizing - I am a size small in all Marie Oliver, there are some pieces where I could wear an xsmall, but I usually always get a small! Here are a few pics of items that I already own, and love! They are all included in the sale! Each item is tagged in the boutique as well as below the image. 


I also have shared some of my new pieces in my Instagram story! If you need any help with anything, just shoot me a DM on Instagram! It's the easiest way for me to connect!!! Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed! :) I'll be back soon, I promise!


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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Infant Shoes

Hey Guys! 

Gosh, it's been a hot minute since I actually typed in a blog post! I have missed you guys! 

I wanted to share some of my favorite infant shoes and what has & has not worked for my daughter!!! 

I'm obsessed with all of them below & wish I could own them all for S, but that would be a little overkill... don't yah think??! 

 First off, I have a lot of information on my Instagram stories that might be easier for you to listen to! Follow me at @bowsandbuoys I'll have it saved in a highlight! 

 S has short, chunky (adorable) feet!!! The ones that fit S the best are the Footmates, except for their Mary Jane style (those don't work for her at all)! I also have an obsession with the Elephantito brand (she's been wearing those since birth) & the white Mary Janes fit her extremely well, but the brown Mary Jane's do not. The brown booties in that brand fit perfectly & are soooo stinkin' cute! Scottie has also been wearing Keds since birth (which lucky seem to be back on trend now) & we will probably have a pair for every season in those! They are slightly narrow, but once I get them on her, she does really well walking in them! The Adidas sneakers also fit great, but they are hard to get on! Uggs are a infant staple in my opinion, haha! They are just a cozy shoe that I love for fall & winter! Luckily, my mom treats her granddaughters to a pair every year! Now, what I really want to get her is a pair of Hunter Rain Boots.... maybe my mom will treat the girls to those as well?!!! One can dream! She also has Natives, but those won't fit her feet for awhile! Those shoes run huge in my opinion!!! 

IDK if this post makes any sense, or is more confusing.... if you have any questions, just message me! I am always more than happy to help!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020