Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Q&A Answers

 Hey hey! Here are the answers to the Q&A! I always enjoy this!!! As always, you can send me a DM anytime you want something answered & I’ll get back with you ASAP!

What is the wall color in your house? 

Silver Satin! It’s actually the same color that’s in my parents as well!!! It looks more tan in our house though, when compared to my parents! 

When will your bathroom remodel be complete? 

Good question! We actually hit pause on the bathroom renovations because we have house plans for an addition  πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŽ‰ My husband finally agreed to getting an architect to see what our house could become & boy is it everything I imagined & more! Downside, lumbar prices & inflation πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ Our quotes have been literally the cost of a new house, if not more, so we’ve hit pause on the addition as of right now! Hoping by next summer prices will be down & we can hit go! Even if it takes 5 years, so be it! It will give us everything we need & more!!! We love where we are & we are in no rush to (hopefully) end up in our forever home!!! We’ve showed the plans to our family & friends, but will probably keep everything private until it actually takes place! So long story short (even though that was long)…. The bathrooms will be turned into other things in the addition, so no need to redo them when they will be knocked down! We are going to do a few cheaper quick fixes to the bathrooms though, so make sure you’re following along! We are also tearing down our current shed due to mold issues & building a new one! This will serve as Taylor’s office, extra closet space, & a shed until we can hit go on the addition!

Splurge/Budget first baby item must haves

We splurged on the rocker/glider & it was 100% worth it because I lived in that chair! Make sure it’s something comfortable, especially if you are planning on nursing!!! Another splurge I couldn’t live without was the Owlet! It gave me extreme peace of mind! I am a worry wort though, especially when it comes to my child! I’m pretty sure HSA covers them now!!! Budget friendly first items that were a must… I didn’t know I needed this until someone gifted it to us, the kick piano! It entertained Scottie for hrs!!! Tubby Todd all over ointment cream, cleaned up any skin issues my little one ever experienced! Velcro swaddles from Amazon, cheap & worked the best compared to the expensive ones! I’m sure there’s more! I’ll keep thinking on this one, but these stood out! 


Girl, I don’t cook, haha!!! My husband actually does most of the cooking! He’s currently teaching me & I’ve been trying some recipes myself! I do the grocery shopping & he does the cooking! That’s kinda our thing right now! I know this is a department I need to work in, so I really am trying! I’ll share as I learn though! Does that work?!! 

Are you done with work? 

I went back to casual status awhile back to enjoy the summer! That’s 3 shifts every 6 weeks (to keep my nursing license current). I actually just signed one last full time contract before the baby! I’ll be going back to work next weekend! Wish me luck!!! 

How tall are you? 

5 ft 5 1/2 in (yes, I give myself the 1/2 πŸ€£

Where to find good finds other than FBM? 

Good question! I need the answer to this as well! FBM has been bumming me out lately too!!! 

What is your baby’s name? I see you use G in your post. 

We are keeping the name private from social spaces at the moment! Just seems right at the moment! Last time around, we didn’t share with anyone until she was born (that was so hard) this go around, we’ve shared with family & friends!!! 

Due date? I’m expecting a baby boy as well!

Nov. 1st! & CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you & your growing family! 

Alrighty! That was a quick & easy one! I’ll do another one soon!!! ☺️