My name is Tyler and I was born and raised a southern girl.  
I have two different passions in life.... ONE being my love for fashion and TWO being my love in wanting to make a difference in someones life. That being said, I have a degree in apparel merchandising and nursing. Nurse by day, blogger by night!!! :)
I’ve been married to my best friend since June 2, 2018!!!!
Last year we were blessed with the most beautiful baby girl! She’s our entire world!
I have the most supportive husband, family and friends....I would not of been able to do any of this without the support and unconditional love I receive from all of them.
I am also mom to the cutest little fur ball.... Finley the Aussie & boy do we LOVE HIM!
I love being an Auntie!!! I'm Auntie Ty-Ty and it is the absolute BEST! I have the most adorable little nieces & nephew!!!  Those 3 just melt my heart!!!
The name Bows&Buoys was inspired by an afternoon walk at the beach! The name Bows&Buoys popped into my head and I immediately knew it was the best fit for my blog name!!! Since I grew up in the South, I always had bows in my hair. Big curls with even bigger bows!!! As I grew older the hair bows disappeared, but I remained a sucker for anything with a bow design!!! Now, I have a little girl to dress in big bows 🎀  Another thing I am a sucker for is the water!!! Wherever you find me, it will most likely be at sea. Boating is my favorite outdoor hobby! Nothing beats just cruising around on a boat with family and friends, listening to some good ole' oldies & country music. Also, I absolutely love fishing!!! Inshore fishing, offshore fishing... you name it, I LOVE IT! The ocean is my second home. So there you have it, the meaning behind Bows&Buoys!

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