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Infant Shoes

Hey Guys! 

Gosh, it's been a hot minute since I actually typed in a blog post! I have missed you guys! 

I wanted to share some of my favorite infant shoes and what has & has not worked for my daughter!!! 

I'm obsessed with all of them below & wish I could own them all for S, but that would be a little overkill... don't yah think??! 

 First off, I have a lot of information on my Instagram stories that might be easier for you to listen to! Follow me at @bowsandbuoys I'll have it saved in a highlight! 

 S has short, chunky (adorable) feet!!! The ones that fit S the best are the Footmates, except for their Mary Jane style (those don't work for her at all)! I also have an obsession with the Elephantito brand (she's been wearing those since birth) & the white Mary Janes fit her extremely well, but the brown Mary Jane's do not. The brown booties in that brand fit perfectly & are soooo stinkin' cute! Scottie has also been wearing Keds since birth (which lucky seem to be back on trend now) & we will probably have a pair for every season in those! They are slightly narrow, but once I get them on her, she does really well walking in them! The Adidas sneakers also fit great, but they are hard to get on! Uggs are a infant staple in my opinion, haha! They are just a cozy shoe that I love for fall & winter! Luckily, my mom treats her granddaughters to a pair every year! Now, what I really want to get her is a pair of Hunter Rain Boots.... maybe my mom will treat the girls to those as well?!!! One can dream! She also has Natives, but those won't fit her feet for awhile! Those shoes run huge in my opinion!!! 

IDK if this post makes any sense, or is more confusing.... if you have any questions, just message me! I am always more than happy to help!!!!