Monday, February 18, 2019


Hi Guys, it's been awhile!!! SURPRISE, we are PREGNANT! T & I are so overwhelmed with joy that we have a baby coming this summer!!! We can not wait to love on our little one for the rest of our lives!!! Since it's the first child we wanted to do the good ole' gender reveal party with our family! We wanted everyone to come together & celebrate Baby B! T & I hosted the party at our house and we supplied food & drinks for those coming!!! Below you will see outfit details & all our party supplies + information on our tasty treats!!! I hope you enjoy!!!! Oh, by the way it's A GIRL!!!!

Before the actual party we sent out the cutest invites!!! Pic is cropped to block out our personal information, but still so so adorable!!!! Invites from Etsy! :)

I was convinced we were having a boy & T was for sure it was a girl!!!

Outfit Details: White Midi Dress // Necklace Scarf // Flower Earrings // Wedges (old Marc Fisher, but similar linked HERE) // Bracelet // Bracelet

For drinks we went very simple!!! We went with water, sweet tea, beer & champagne (gotta have mimosas - PS. I did not have one) 

In regards to food we also went simple... Chick-Fil-A nugget tray was an absolute must, we had multiple dips: buffalo, crab, beer cheese, salsa, we had miniature ham biscuits, and a fruit tray from Chick-Fil-A!!! (Our parents helped with some of the food, so thankful for them!!!) 


Ya'll here is one of the best parts of the whole post.... OUR SWEET TREATS! Both the cookies & the cake are to die for! We first discovered Once in a Blue Moon Bakery and The Cookie Craving during our wedding planning (I included a picture of our beautiful wedding cake below). Both companies are incredible to work with & their sweet treats taste sooooo amazing! I highly recommend checking both these places out!!!!

Details: Cakes: Once in a Blue Moon Bakery // Cookies: The Cookie Craving 

One fun thing that we did was got confetti poppers for the two grandmas!!! We wanted to make them feel special & have a part in this whole event!!! :)

Thank you all for stopping by!!!! Hope you enjoyed!!! Happy Monday my sweet friends!!!!



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