Friday, June 9, 2017


OUTFIT DETAILS: Romper: Lilly Pulitzer || Hot Pink Clutch: GiGi New York || Sunglasses: Karen Walker || Gold Wedges: Michael Kors (old but linked similar HERE & HERE) || Beaded Bracelets: Lily and Laura || Tassel Bracelets: Lilly Pulitzer || Earrings: Kendra Scott || Watch: Michael Kors || White Enamel Bracelet: Hermes || Peridot Stone Ring: David Yurman 


We've made it to Friday ya'll or better yet, friYAYYYY! This week has been jammed packed with work and wedding planning!!! Who knew so much went into planning a wedding?!!! Not I, haha!!! With all that being said... I wanted to get your weekend started with a bright, colorful post!!! So excited to share my PINK FLAMINGO look with ya'll and talk about some of my favorite accessories!!! In my opinion the more accessories the better, haha!!! :) 

 There's no secret that I love wearing bright, colorful outfits!!! Nothing says cheerful more than wearing Lilly Pulitzer... and YA'LL... their summer outfits have been so on point!!! I literally want it all! This romper is one of the best purchases I've made this summer! I've already worn it a ton of times! I've dressed it up (as seen above), and I've dressed it down just by throwing on a simple sandal! The tassel ties in the back are my FAVE, such an awesome touch!!!! You won't be disappointed if you add this romper to your wardrobe! 
(I'm wearing a size small for size reference) 

Now, time to share my go to accessory, that's super affordable......So ya'll I can't say enough awesome things about Lily and Laura bracelets. For the past few years I've been obsessed! You won't find me without a Lily and Laura bracelet on. I just love adding a pop of color to every outfit! The really special thing about these beaded bracelets are that they are hand crocheted by the women of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal and Lily and Laura pays these women above fair trade wages, which is life changing for them! I mean who doesn't want to support such an awesome cause?! Over one third of their total income goes back to Nepal! Talk about AWESOME! Not only are these beaded bracelets the missing accessory to every outfit but they are enhancing quality of life for these women. Take a look at their website - Lily and Laura Bracelets, there is such a wide variety in color choices!!! I love it because there is a color option for every one of my outfits! Plus, I always loving adding new colors to my collection! Building your personal arm candy stack is the way to go, 3 or more are $10 each with free shipping!!! Now go shop ladies, it's so FUN!

After work, I'm heading to babysit my nieces and nephew!!!! Ahhhh, I'm just so EXCITED! I'd love to know what you have planned this weekend?!!! Stay safe out there, and as always... thanks for stopping by!!!! 

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