Sunday, December 18, 2016


I posted a pic on my insta story of my new fave ornament and it seemed to be a hit... so I decided to quickly put a blog post up for all of you that were interested!!! Personalized ornaments make for the perfect Christmas gift (& these are only $22)! I received my personalized ornament from my boyfriend's family, and it's one of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received!!! My Aussie, Finley means the world to me... so when I opened up my gift from them and saw a gold Australian Shepherd with Finley written on it, I flipped out!!! How thoughtful of them to get me an ornament of my sweet baby boy!?!! What a great idea for all you animal lovers out there!!! Also, for ones that don't have fur babies... don't worry, I posted other adorable personalized ornaments below!!! :) ENJOY!

Just click on the ornament you like and you will be directed to the website - easy as pie!!!


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