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I’m so happy to share with you all this amazing teeth whitening product “Smile Brilliant”!!! As many of you know, I’m a nursing student… with that being said caffeine is my best friend. It takes about 5 cups of coffee or tons of Diet Coke to get me through my busy days of juggling clinical, school work,  tests, and assignments - not to mention blogging on the side. Nursing school is no joke! With my first degree, I did not need this much caffeine to keep me going, so I never really saw a huge impact on my teeth like I do now!!! Just from drinking coffee and diet coke in bulk these past two years, I’ve noticed a huge change in my teeth! I found myself not liking the way my teeth looked in pictures and in the mirror. I have tried several products and nothing has seemed to work... and the ones that were working okay were causing extreme tooth sensitivity to the point I couldn’t bear it any longer!!! The solution to all my problems is now clear: Smile Brilliant! If you are a person that consumes copious amounts of caffeine, or anything that stains your teeth - cough, cough.. wine (because we all know some red wine at night is just what the doctor ordered) THIS PRODUCT IS FOR YOU! Or if you have tried every product under the sun and can't bear the tooth sensitivity, THIS PRODUCT IS FOR YOU!

Be sure to read this whole post because I have something very special for you guys at the bottom of the post.... I think the word is "GIVEAWAY"! Plus you can receive 5% off your own kit with code: bowsandbuoys

The Teeth Whitening Trays kit has everything you need to get started!!! One of my favorite parts about the whitening process was getting to create my own teeth molds from the comfort of my own home (which is normally a $500 cost at the dentist office - can we say DEAL?!) Follow along with me as I take you through my teeth whitening journey!!! 

First off I recommend reading the instructions! I'm the type person that normally tries to figure out things as I go, but in this case... instructions are super important! I'll give you a brief description on how to go about making your impressions. 

To begin... make sure you have your entire kit with you! I also recommend having a phone or watch with a 'stop timer' handy to make sure you mix the paste in a timely manner because it hardens quickly. 

Mix the catalyst and base paste together until it turns this beautiful blue color!!! Remember to mix it quickly! (mixing should not take longer than 60 seconds)  

Once your paste has been mixed and is the color as shown above you are now ready to create your molds! Place the paste in the molding tray like pictured above! (placement should take a total of 30 sec) 

Place the molding tray with the paste in your mouth (top and bottom trays done separately) for 2 min 30 sec! It may seem like a lot but trust me it's not - it's super easy! Just in case you do have trouble Smile Brilliant is generous enough to give you an extra catalyst and base paste just in case you need to try again! But no need to stress, you'll get it on the first try! :) 

Above you can see a picture of my impressions! Once created, do not remove molding from tray. Let them sit for at least 30 min, and then they will need to be rinsed under cool water (all the detailed instructions come with the kit, so don't fret.. everything you need to know will be available to you) 

Fill out the prepaid return form to send your moldings off to be turned into your very own personalized teeth whitening trays! Place both the upper and lower impressions in the pre-paid envelope with the return form and you are ready to mail it off! 

They will receive your impressions in 3-4 business days and will immediately get started on creating your teeth whitening trays (tray creation process will take 3-5 business days).  Once created, they will be shipped out and should arrive to you within 3-4 business days!!! I was so excited to ship my impressions and ready to begin the teeth whitening process! It only took a few days to receive my whitening trays and I was so impressed!!!

When my teeth whitening trays arrived I was so excited! The trays themselves are flexible and soft; not uncomfortable at all - not to mention they fit like a glove because of the custom impressions!!! The whitening trays are so easy to use and perfect for wearing around the house while you are doing school work, blogging, catching up on your favorite shows....etc.

Now for a little background on the whitening process itself: 
  • The average person will need 7-14 applications (once per day) to remove all stains from their teeth!
  • Each whitening gel syringe (like shown above) has enough gel for 3-4 applications - one application includes both top and bottom mouth pieces
  • Whiten for 1-3 hours (If you have sensitive teeth, start with shorter sessions)
  • For sensitive teeth use the desensitizing gel after every session for 15-30 minutes - BEST THING EVER!!!

~This youtube video is super adorable and very informative, I totally recommend watching!!!~

One of the things that I am most pleased about from my experience was that the desensitizing gel really works! Smile Brilliant is genius to create a product that helps with tooth sensitivity!!! It is offered as an add on and highly recommended! I've literally quit every teeth whitening process I've ever began until Smile Brilliant
Want more information on tooth sensitivity such as: causes, solutions, and prevention?! Click HERE

Before & After

I am so pleased with my results and I can't wait to continue to use Smile Brilliant teeth whitening! It's safe to say, they have made a lifetime customer out of me!!! Want more proof on how awesome Smile Brilliant is?!! Check out these TESTIMONIALS 

It's GIVEAWAY time!!! The prize is worth $139.95 store credit which equals: Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 whitening gel syringes & 3 desensitizing gel syringes! 

 Once you've clicked link above labeled: giveaway... you'll be directed to - "Enter your First Name and Email Address and then you'll click ENTER GIVEAWAY" 

~Winner will be announced in two weeks! Good Luck!!!

Guess what else?!!!! Smile Brilliant has offered a discount code for all my followers!!! YAY! So you can now order your own Teeth Whitening Kit at a discounted price!!! 5% coupon code: bowsandbuoys

Hope you'll love whitening your teeth as much as I do now!!! Don't forget to enter giveaway for a chance to win your very own teeth whitening kit! Hope you all have a wonderful week! If you have any questions at all feel free to send me a message! :) As always, thanks for stopping by Bows&Buoys

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