Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Happy Hump Day my friends!!! :) I still can't get over how much fun I had the other day at Catalog Connection! So thankful to the manager who let me come do a photo shoot there for the day! I hope you enjoyed all my picks from Catalog Connection on yesterday's post, and I hope you enjoy all my outfit picks from todays! It was so much fun pairing jewelry, shoes, tops, etc together to make the most fabulous outfits to share with you guys!
Outfit #1: 
This waffle tee is my absolute fave! It is so incredibly comfy and makes for the perfect casual top! Top is $30.95 and worth every penny!!! Perfect for hot summer days when paired with denim shorts, or perfect for fall days paired with skinnies and booties!!! These denim shorts are my go to! I wear them all the time... probably too much! But hey, they are cute and comfy so why not?! By the way, they are on sale for $24.50! Such a great item to add to your wardrobe!!! Another great item to add to your wardrobe are the gladiator sandals. These gladiator sandals are so amazing!!! I wear them so much, and love how comfy they are. Before I ordered them, I was worried they would feel tight on my feet and not feel comfy, but boy was I wrong! So glad I went with my gut, and ordered these beauties because not only have they been perfect this summer, they are going to be perfect for fall! Did ya'll see the necklace?!! The necklace is one of my favorite parts about this outfit!!! I love anything by Betsy Pittard Designs! If I could buy it all, I would!!! The necklaces are such great quality and so beautiful in person!!! I am obsessed with my new purchase, and plan on wearing this necklace on repeat!!! There's something about the horn that I just love! Perfect necklace for every season!!! Such great Betsy Pittard Designs available at Catalog!
Outfit Details: Waffle Tee: Catalog Connection - in store or call to order // Denim Shorts: Articles of Society // Gladiator Sandals: Dolce Vita // Necklace: similar one in store, & similar herehere, & here // Earrings: Sheila Fajl  // Cuff Bracelet: Loren Hope // Bracelet: Loren Hope // Purple Bangle: Catalog Connection ($10) - in store or call to order // Gold Watch: Michael Kors // Barrel Ring: Michael Kors // Stone Ring: David Yurman 
Outfit #2:
This fabulous floral set is less than $50 and is so much fun! I have had an obsession with sets this summer, and I'm looking forward to carrying sets into the fall! I paired this set with booties to show how it could be worn in the fall! The Sheila Fajl cuffs are just so beautiful in their simplicity!!! With a busy floral set like this, the simplicity of those bangles pair perfectly with it! So sorry that you've seen my booties on mad repeat lately, but I'm so obsessed with them! They are under $100 and go with absolutely everything, and I mean everything! I will also admit they are the only booties I brought home with me for the summer... but thats because they are my FAVE!!!
Outfit Details: Floral Set: Catalog Connection or here //  Booties: BP. - order 1/2 size up (color: grey leather)  //  Clutch: GiGi New York (color: stone)  //  Earrings: Moon and Lola  //  Gold Cuffs: Sheila Fajl - in store or call to purchase  //  Blue Beaded Bracelet: Lily and Laura - in store or call to purchase  //  Sunnies: Ray Ban  //  Watch: Michael Kors  //  Barrel Ring: Michael Kors (similar) //  Stone Ring: David Yurman
Outfit #3: 
This dress is so gorgeous!!! I love everything about it, especially the print! Love the blue and pink mixed together, gives this dress such a feminine vibe!!! This dress is $42.95 and just waiting to jump into your wardrobe! Another great dress to take from summer to fall! How about that necklace though?!! I mean can you say FABULOUS! This necklace is by Chesterton Jewelry; which is a local jewelry maker out of Greenville, NC! I'm all about supporting local artist, and this one makes it so easy to support, because her pieces are just so fantastic... not to mention priced extremely well! Catalog Connection has a huge collection of her pieces, so be sure to check them out!!! The necklaces are all so unique, and I just love the spikes!!! The one pictured above is still available, and won't last long!!! Perfect necklace for all you UNC fans!!! I loved these necklaces so much I just had to purchase one myself!!! Best decision!!!
Outfit Details: Dress: Catalog Connection - in store or call to order  //  Necklace: Chesterton Jewelry - in store or call to order (check out website for other colors)  //  Clutch: GiGi New York (color: stone)  //  Booties: BP.  - order 1/2 size up (color: grey leather)  //  Earrings: Sheila Fajl  //  Watch: Michael Kors  //  Barrel Ring: Michael Kors  (similar) //  Stone Ring: David Yurman 
Outfit #4: 
GO PIRATES!!! I couldn't come to Greenville and not purchase purple and gold attire! I instantly fell in love with this yellow OTS top!!! It is so lightweight and will be perfect for those early football games, when it's still blazing hot! I paired it with my fave denim shorts I mentioned above to give this outfit a relaxed, casual look! I don't know about you, but I want to be comfy when I'm watching some football!!! The purple Chesterton Jewelry necklace is to die for!!! (I purchased this one) :) Guilty!!! I thought it gave the finishing touches to my game day apparel! I can't wait to wear it to the ECU vs. NC State game and watch the Pirates WIN!!!! Last but not least, the purple shades!!! Aren't they so fantastic! Guess what?! They are less than $10! Talk about the perfect shades to sport at the ECU game! I mean purple lenses, no brainer!!!
Outfit Details: Yellow Top: Catalog Connection - in store or call to order  //  Similar Game Day Tops: herehereherehere  //  Denim Shorts: Articles of Society  //  Necklace: Chesterton Jewelry  //  Sandals: Tory Burch (color: sand patent)  //  Earrings: Sheila Fajl  //  Cuff Bracelet: Loren Hope  //  Bracelet: Loren Hope  //  Purple Lens Sunnies: Catalog Connection - in store or call to order  //  Watch: Michael Kors //  Barrel Ring: Michael Kors (similar) 
Wednesday is one of my favorite week days!!! The middle of the week means I can see the finish line to the weekend!!! :) About to get started studying some more for the NCLEX!!! Wish me luck!

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