Monday, July 11, 2016


I had the best time visiting my family in Morehead City. Mom and I did a girls trip to visit my aunt and cousin. They have the most adorable cottage on the intercostal there. We did so many fun things on the trip and I am so excited to share them all with you! It was a short trip, but a super fun one!!!
Day 1:
My aunt and cousin always rave about El's Drive-In, so the first thing on our agenda was to pick up lunch from there. Boy, am I glad that we did... my cheeseburger was incredible!!! My mom got the shrimp burger because that is what my cousin recommended, and she said it was the best shrimp burger she had ever tasted. We had a side of fries and onion rings along with our burgers, and we ate every bit of it! Honestly, it left us wanting more because it was so darn delicious.
After lunch we sat out in the backyard, enjoyed the view, and just chatted...catching up on life. My cousin is engaged and getting married next summer so we wanted to hear all about the wedding plans and whats to come. Weddings are so exciting!!! I'm so so happy for my cousin and her fiancé. Once the sun started going down and our stomachs started to growl we decided it was time to go to Full Circle Cafe and grab some dinner. Full Circle Cafe is the cutest little restaurant in Morehead, and the food was incredible!!! The 4 of us ladies decided to split a few apps and a pizza. Best decision ever!!! We got a classic caesar saladsteamed pork dumplings, and edamame as our apps.The steamed pork dumplings were paired with a tamari-ginger sauce and they were so tasty. I could of had 10 more of those things, haha! The edamame was covered in ginger sea salt (our choice out of 4 options) and it tasted amazing!!! Really glad we went with that option! Now, it was really hard for us to make a decision on which pizza to order because they all sounded fabulous, but we finally decided on the grilled shrimp & artichoke pizza. Talk about one of the best pizza's I've ever tasted! I was not sure if I would be a huge fan of shrimp on top of my pizza, but now it is safe to say I'm a fan for life!
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Day 2:
We woke up and took sweet Buoy (their Springer Spaniel) on a walk around the neighborhood. I got to see a close up of all the adorable houses!!! I am obsessed with all the old siding that is on most of the houses there. During our walk we talked about all the things we were going to pick up at The Friendly MarketMindy's Baked Goods is a  dream come true for a girl that can not cook! I am the absolute worst cook. Every time I try to cook dinner for my boyfriend it is an epic fail (so lets be honest, I have not tried that many times because of how bad I am). I follow the recipe word by word and it somehow always turns out awful!!! He's the sweetest though, he just smiles and pretends it is good, meanwhile I am spitting the food out because it is so awful. Well I just found the solution to all my problems.... MINDY'S BAKED GOODS!!! Talk about the best food ever!!! All the baked goods you could ever want under one roof! So far I have tried the chicken salad, shrimp chowder, and enchiladas... lets just say I will be going back for all three. The chicken salad is unlike any chicken salad I have ever tasted!!! It is incredible! Definitely a must get! I still have lots more to try and I look forward to dinners every night because I have a freezer full of baked goods I brought back with me!
The last stop before heading back to Wilmington was at Happy Cakes Cup Cakery! The name says it all! I left with one HAPPY BELLY! Happy Cakes Cup Cakery won cupcake wars and I now know why! Best cupcakes ever!!! Mom and I could not decide on two flavors to split so we decided to order 6 (and no, we did not eat all 6 at one time... we took a few home to enjoy). We decided on chocolate coffeecinnamon sugarvanilla beankey lime piechocolate salted caramel, and banana split! They all were sooooooo delicious! I wish there was a Happy Cakes here in Wilmington... I would go all the time!!! If we had to choose a favorite (which is extremely hard because we loved them all)... Mom would choose chocolate coffee, and I would choose banana split!!!
It's safe to say mom and I will be making lots of trips back to Morehead City!!! We so enjoyed going around town, trying new things, and are so grateful for our trusty tour guides!

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